The new product is here!


If you use the Dynamics SL Multi-Company module and have more than one company database, then you are probably all too familiar with the Inter-Company Export/Import process. It’s a fiddly and time-consuming task that must be done manually. We feel your pain, and created a replacement: Due2Auto for Dynamics SL.

It’s about as exciting as a new phone book, because it’s invisible and automatic, but it obviates ever using that screen again. Inter-company transactions between databases become as seamless and immediate as those done with companies in the same database. It installs in seconds by running one script in the system database (yes, like XLstatements), and creates batches in the relevant databases whenever an inter-company batch is posted. There’s nothing to learn, except to stop using that process screen.

As you may know, XLstatements doesn’t allow having companies in different databases used with a list, range, or mask in the CpnyID argument of the balance (PTDBAL, YTDBAL) functions. (One can, however, use multiple functions in a formula if you need them consolidated in the same cell.) The reason for this is not technical (and, in fact, we had this working before we changed the design), but instead because it would conflict with any of the typical reasons for using multiple databases. These reasons are: different fiscal years, different charts of accounts, different base currencies, and/or different subaccounts. Any of those circumstances would mean that the other arguments in an XLstatments balance would not align anyway.

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